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  • ROMPER – Hands to Heart – ‘King Lion’ ORGANIC


    Sleepy Bub’s ‘Hands to Heart’ Rompers are made using 100% organic, soft, breathable cotton, suitable for all year round.


    The YKK arm zips are positioned to gently hold your baby’s arms down towards their body (bending at the elbow) for swaddling all night long. The stretchy fabric allows baby enough movement to sleep in the ‘hands-to-heart’ position, yet is restrictive enough to reduce waking from startle reflex.


    If your baby prefers to sleep with their arms swaddled to their side, we recommend the Sleepy Bub Arms Down Rompers.




    Sleepy Bub has made the important decision to start providing conscious choice 100% organic cotton swaddles – free from harmful chemicals, created in a fair trade environment.

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    Sleepy Bub Swaddle & Romper Safety Guidelines:

    • Always place a swaddled baby on their back.
    • Garment must fit baby correctly
    • Do not use if baby’s head can pass through neck opening or if neck opening is too tight.
    • Always ensure the garment is correctly positioned on the baby to avoid the garment coming up over the baby’s face.
    • Always make sure your baby is not over-dressed to avoid over-heating
    • If baby begins to roll to side or tummy, it is no longer safe to swaddle your baby.  Immediately start to transition by unzipping the arms.
    • Use cuff fold over mittens when arms are unzipped to avoid scratching.
    • When using blankets in the cot please follow the SIDS safety recommendations.