Goodbye messy blankets and Houdini arms. Hello sleep!
Goodbye messy blankets and Houdini arms. Hello sleep!


The only swaddle with zip-down arms.

SLEEPY BUB® 100% organic cotton baby swaddles are transforming traditional swaddling. Sleepy Bub® uses a real mother’s innovation and has created a unique swaddle with zip-down arms. They’re positioned to gently hold your baby’s arms down towards their body (bending at the elbow) for swaddling all night long. The stretchy fabric allows baby enough movement to sleep in the ‘hands-to-heart’ position, yet is restrictive enough to reduce waking from startle reflex.

Transition to arms free: When transitioning from arms down swaddling to arms free, simply unzip the arms.

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“I’ve been waiting for someone to invent a swaddle like this - I love it & my baby loves it too.”

- Shay Olivey, NSW, Australia

"I love it. I've watched my baby move her arms in her sleep and it hasn't woken her at all."

- Marisa Fera-Kabbara, NSW, Australia

“Thank you for helping us transition our son to sleeping with his arms free.”

- Emma Packer, NSW, Australia

“So simple. Thank you for making my life easier.”

- Melinda Galbraith, NSW, Australia

"I love the material, so stretchy and lightweight."

- Marisa Fera-Kabbara, NSW, Australia

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