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Security Blanket Meaning and Example

Secuirty Blanket Meaning

Security blanket meaning and example?

New parents often wonder what is the security blanket meaning and examples? A security blanket is a familiar soft blanket or piece of fabric (on its own or attached to a toy) that brings comfort and assurance to a young child.

A security blanket can also be called a baby comforter, sleep toy (with blanket attached), sleep comforter, lovey, sleep companion, sleep prop or sleep aid.

Security blankets are sleep props that help little ones sleep. Infants can become attached to their security blankets and need their special comforters to help them fall asleep and stay asleep.


Security Blanket Research and Safety

It is important to note that babies under 6 months of age are generally too young to take comfort from a security blanket. For safety reasons, it is important not to have sleeping aids in the bassinet or cot until the baby is 7 months old, as they may cover the face and become a suffocation risk.

Research has shown that it is unusual for younger babies, aged 3 months or less, to form attachments to objects, such as security blankets. Babies usually start to become attached to sleep aids around the age of 7–12 months.1

The benefit of having a security blanket is that it can bring infants psychological comfort and during times of separation from their parents and at sleep time. Security blankets are often snugly and soft against the baby’s skin and have a familiar smell that is comforting to the child.

When choosing a security blanket for your little one, safety is your number one priority! Please click on the link to learn about important safety features that every security blanket must have before you take the risk and give it to your little one. What makes a security blanket safe? Red Nose Australia (a national charity working to save little lives and support families impacted by the death of a baby or child) also have some well researched information here.


Security Blanket Recommendations

Our favourite and most recommended security blanket/sleepy toy for safety and cuteness is the Sleepy Heroes sleep toy by Sleepy Bub. These gorgeous toys tick every box for safety, practicality and adorability.

What makes these toys so perfect?

  • Cute collectable characters!
  • Lightweight and luxuriously soft
  • Low pile fur that is safe for babies
  • 100% washable
  • Silky-smooth satin hero cape
  • FREE mini–comic book (8 cm × 8 cm) – perfect for older toddlers
  • Fast-drying polyester stuffing
  • Loop to attach a pacifier, teething toy or
  • No scratchy Velcro
  • Label for safekeeping: “If I look lost, please let my mini-human know, Ph: ________”
  • Conforms with AS/NZ ISO 8124
  • Conforms with ASTM F963-17


  1. Passman, R. H., and Halonen, J. S. (1979). A developmental survey of young children’s attachments to inanimate objects. Journal of Genetic Psychology, 134, 165–78.
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