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Here are some of our testimonials from local mother’s who have used the Sleepy Bub swaddle and romper to help their little ones sleep.  If you have a testimony you’d like to share about swaddling a newborn or infant in the Sleepy Bub, we’d love to hear it.

Simply contact us or email: Alternatively you can write a review on by clicking on Sleepy Bub Swaddle or Sleepy Bub Romper.


“The Sleepy Bub idea came out of my own desperation from trying to settle my babies to sleep and stay asleep.  No matter how well I wrapped my babies in a blanket, they kept breaking out and waking themselves up throughout the night.   I tried every swaddle blanket and swaddle garment I could find, but unfortunately none of them worked for my daughters.  I wondered why no-one had invented a simple swaddle garment with zip-down arms, so I had a prototype made by a local seamstress. When my daughter Kyra wore the Sleepy Bub prototype for the first time, she finally slept without waking throughout the night! Sleep deprivation was the hardest thing I had to face as a mother. I know I’m not the only parent to experience difficulty in swaddling an infant with Startle Reflex and Houdini arms. I hope Sleepy Bub can help other mothers by keeping their precious babies swaddled – bringing sleep back into the family home.”

– Eileen Calodoukas (Owner of Sleepy Bub), NSW, Australia


“Having twins is a challenge in itself, but getting them to sleep at the same time is extremely tough.  But I tell you what – they haven’t slept in about a week to 10 days and as soon as Amelia put on the Sleepy Bub suit, she’s out like a light.  I’m stoked.”

– Natalie Rawle, NSW, Australia

Sleepy Bub - Swaddling A Newborn Testimonial

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“My name is Jasmine Ranken and I am the founding director of Cleft Connect Australia. We are a charity that aids cleft affected families.  The Sleepy Bub has been a blessing after cleft babies have had operations to fix their palates and lips. By zipping down the baby’s arms not only can they not ruin the surgeries but they get the best sleep. Babies are happy to have their arms zipped down and the fabric is very comfortable.  It makes me wish the Sleepy Bub was around when my son had his operations. Talking to many mums it seems the unique zip down method works so well for all babies. What a great innovation which I would highly recommend.”

– Jasmine Ranken, QLD, Australia

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“I love it, so much easier than wrapping her up and she looks so comfy in it, and in this heat it’s great to have her hands out.  This size fits her well too.  I’ve watched her try and move her arms in her sleep and it hasn’t woken or disturbed her at all.  I love the material too, so stretchy and lightweight.”

– Marisa Fera-Kabbara, NSW, Australia

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“I know its only been one night, but it was the best sleep I’ve had in 3 months… my son knows how to wiggle his arms out of anything and once his arms are out he is then wide awake… the zips keep his arms nice and tucked in and because of that he slept from 8pm -5am without waking once… I may be getting ahead of my self but I can say I’m looking forward to more nights of great sleep.

– Tamara, WA, Australia

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“I came across this product online and absolutely love it. We use it with our baby every night and use it as her pj’s. We were swaddling our daughter but as she started to grow stronger she was wiggling her arms out and would wake herself resulting taking forever to go back to sleep (especially at ridiculous hours of the night). Since purchasing several of the Sleepy Bub swaddles she sleeps so peacefully. I have a couple of friends who are pregnant and will be purchasing these for them. Highly recommend it.”

Dijana, VIC, Australia

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“I discovered the Sleepy Bub swaddle when I was struggling to transition my 4 month old son to sleep with his arms free. This swaddle was an absolute Godsend. Thank you Sleepy Bub for making a difficult transition easy.”

– Emma Packer, NSW, Australia

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“I’ve been waiting for someone to invent a swaddle like this – I love it & my baby loves it too.”

– Shay Olivey, NSW, Australia

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“So simple. Thank you for making my life easier”

– Melinda Galbraith, NSW, Australia

Shhhhhhh... Sweet dreams all night long...