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When To Stop Swaddling Your Baby

Swaddling, when done correctly, has a host of benefits for your baby.  If you’ve been swaddling for a while, and your baby is responding well, the thought of stopping can be daunting.  But, there will inevitably come a time when your little one is ready to break free of her baby swaddle. So, how do you know when to stop swaddling?

When to stop swaddling your baby

While there are no ‘rules’ about when you must stop swaddling, many health professionals recommend swaddling until at least 4 months. Remember, all babies are different, so it’s important to monitor your own child and look for signs of readiness. We recommend to transition babies to arms free sleeping when they begin the first signs of rolling.

Babies may also be ready to transition when they start to fight against being wrapped or getting an arm loose during sleep. At this point, you can transition from complete swaddling to an arms-free swaddle.

The Sleepy Bub swaddle makes transitioning simple

The Sleepy Bub swaddle is designed to make the transition easy and seamless as possible. You simply unzip the arms of the swaddle and your baby is ready to start sleeping.

You can do this according to your baby’s progress and readiness – and encourage either a slow or fast transition.

Sleepy Bub - When to stop swaddling

Safe swaddling

Remember, always place a swaddled baby to sleep on their back. Swaddled babies sleeping on their tummy are more likely to be at risk of SIDS than swaddles babies who sleep on their backs.

Shhhhhhh... Sweet dreams all night long...