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Research & FAQ
Why swaddle?

There are many reasons why swaddling is beneficial for your baby. Swaddling is an age-old technique, used for hundreds of years in many cultures around the world.

Swaddling helps to encourage sleep and reduce crying.

Swaddling, in conjunction with other soothing techniques such as shushing, white noise and gentle rocking, can help calm a crying baby and promote longer sleep periods.

Research into the benefits of swaddling has suggested babies who are swaddled generally arouse less and sleep longer.

Studies have also indicated swaddled babies also cry less, and swaddling has even helped to soothe pain in babies.

Swaddling helps to mimic the conditions of the womb.

Swaddling reminds babies of being in the womb and gives them the feeling of warmth and security.

According to renowned paediatrician, child development specialist and Assistant Professor of Paediatrics at the USC School of Medicine, Dr Harvey Karp, swaddling is a very beneficial soothing technique for babies.

Dr Karp says swaddling helps to “recreate the conditions of the womb” in order to comfort and help babies settle. Dr Karp’s methods are taught by thousands of educators and you can read more about his research and teachings here.

Swaddling helps to reduce startle reflex.

Swaddling helps to stop babies from startling themselves awake with newborn startle reflex. This is when the baby’s limbs “jump” uncontrollably, waking them up from their sleep.

Can swaddling cause hip dysplasia?

Some evidence suggests that incorrect swaddling may be linked with hip dysplasia. The swaddling method of concern is where babies are kept swaddled with their legs pressed together or straightened, with no movement given for a long period of time.

The Sleepy Bub arms down swaddle has been designed with healthy hip development in mind.

Our swaddle is made from stretchy cotton knit fabric which widens at the hips and is loose enough to allow your baby’s legs to bend up and out at the hips.

Read more about why swaddling may be linked to hip dysplasia here.

How to transition my baby from swaddled to arms free?

Swaddling is recommended until at least 4 months. However, once your baby starts to show signs of beginning to roll, you can transition from swaddling to arms free by unzipping the arms.

Swaddled babies sleeping on their tummy have an increased risk suffocation and SIDS compared with babies sleeping on their back.

If your baby can potentially roll onto their tummy while asleep, this could be unsafe.

When it’s time for your baby to transition from swaddling to arms free, simply unzip the arms of your Sleepy Bub swaddle according to your baby’s progress for slow or fast transition.

Read more about when to stop swaddling here.

Why swaddle with arms down?

Babies are swaddled with their arms down all around the world.

Paediatricians, midwives and sleep consultants generally recommend swaddling in the arms down position.

Dr Harvey Karp is a renowned paediatrician, child development specialist and the Assistant Professor of Paediatrics at the USC School of Medicine. He believes arms down swaddling is best.

“Swaddling with the arms down is the way babies are wrapped all around the world,” Dr Karp writes on his website The Happiest Baby.

“As soon as a baby (even a premature baby) goes home they stay calmer and sleep longer when wrapped with the arms down…at the sides.”

Learn more about the benefits of arms down swaddling techniques here.

Can I use a larger size swaddle than what’s recommended for my babies weight?

No, please only use the size that fits your baby correctly, because if the garment is too large the loose fabric may cover your baby’s face.

Should my baby wear clothes underneath the swaddle?

We recommend your baby wears a nappy on its own or a nappy and a singlet underneath the Sleepy Bub swaddle/romper.

Always make sure your baby is not over-dressed and avoid over-heating. In winter months, please refer to the SIDS and Kids safety recommendations before using blankets.

What if my baby does not like being swaddled?

Swaddling helps to encourage sleep, and parents have been swaddling for many hundreds of years.

Some babies initially struggle against the swaddle and it’s easy for a parent to assume their baby does not like it. However, your baby has come from a very warm and secure environment in the womb.

Swaddling mimics the womb by gently holding a baby and preventing him from startling himself awake.

Swaddling can be helpful in getting babies to sleep longer and cry less, but it may not work for all. If your baby becomes more distressed when swaddled, then discontinue swaddling.

Please refer to the SIDS & Kids website for safe sleep guidelines.

Do I need more than one swaddle?

We recommend you have a minimum of two swaddles/rompers, as you never know when your baby may have a messy accident or vomit/spit up.

Make your life easier and have a clean spare swaddle/romper on hand.

Can blankets be used in conjunction with the swaddle?

Yes, as long as you follow the SIDS safety recommendations.

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Can I buy Sleepy Bub products from a store?

Stockist are coming soon to a store near you.

What is the fabric content of the Sleepy Bub swaddle?

Our swaddles and rompers are made using soft, breathable, lightweight fabric (0.35 TOG, 180gms), 100% GOTS Certified Organic Cotton, suitable for all seasons.

Can the Sleepy Bub swaddles be worn in a car capsule?

It is not safe to place a swaddled baby in a car seat. The Sleepy Bub Romper and Swaddle must only be worn in the car capsule when the arms are completely unzipped.


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