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Disclaimer & Intellectual Property

The information provided by Sleepy Bub regarding its products is for the information of customers and is not medical advice.  Customers should consult with their doctor or other qualified health professionals about your child’s requirements.  Products and information provided by Sleepy Bub to customers are not for the treatment, prevention or cure of disease or injury and should not be considered in any way to be a substitute for, or replacement of, recognised medical advice or assistance.  Sleepy Bub products have been designed and are manufactured with due care to ensure they are safe to use.  The Research and FAQ section of this website provides information regarding the appropriate use of our products and reproduces information from other sources about the relative risks of injury or death to infants with whom techniques such as swaddling and placement on their back is used.  However, customers who use our products acknowledge that Sleepy Bub is not liable to any person or entity for any damage or loss caused, or alleged to have been caused, either directly or indirectly by or in connection with the use of our products or by the adoption of techniques for swaddling infants that are proposed by Sleepy Bub in information contained in this website or on products and packaging or any other information supplied by Sleepy Bub.

Intellectual Property

Our products are subject to patent protection and registered design protection. Our branding, which includes trade marks that include but are not limited to SLEEPY BUB and HELLO SLEEP as well as designs, images, photographs and colour schemes appearing on this website and on our packaging as well as the form of packaging itself are protected by intellectual property law including Copyright law and Trade Mark law as well as other statutory consumer protection law, common law and other proprietary rights.

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