father holding sleeping baby on Sleepy Bub’s post on dad’s early involvement
Involved Dads linked to baby’s mental development
Motherhood / October 22, 2018

Even as early as three months, positive father-child interactions can predict cognitive development almost two years later, a study has found. These findings highlight the importance of putting measures in

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baby in hospital; Sleepy Bub’s post on maternal anxiety and reflux in babies
Mother’s mental health linked to reflux in babies
Motherhood / September 22, 2018

We have known for a long time that a mother’s mental health is important not only for her own wellbeing, but also for her child’s health and wellbeing. New Australian

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mother holding baby; Sleepy Bub’s post on shaken baby syndrome
Understanding and preventing Shaken Baby Syndrome
Motherhood / August 22, 2018

Help, I nearly shook my baby. It’s every exhausted parent’s biggest fear; that they’ll lose control and snap. In frustration, they will violently shake their inconsolable baby. And in that

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woman measuring her waist on Sleepy Bub’s post on body image in new mums
Your post baby body and why you should show it some love
Motherhood / July 22, 2018

“I hate the way my body looks since having my baby.” If loathing your post baby body sounds like you, you’re not alone. Over 70% of new mums look in

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new mum hating partner
What no one tells you about becoming a mum: you’ll hate your partner
Motherhood / June 22, 2018

What no one tells you about becoming a mum: you’ll hate your partner: If looks could kill, my husband would be dead many times over. Shortly after our first baby

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Everyday Lovens – Sleepy Bub Baby Swaddle Review
Product Reviews / June 4, 2018

Everyday Lovens – Sleepy Bub Baby Swaddle Review:  It’s a given that you have to buy, borrow and search for great baby gear. Lots of products last a long time

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