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How to Stop Baby From Breaking Out of a Wrap
Stop Baby from Breaking Out of a Wrap
Sleep Care / September 26, 2019

How to stop baby from breaking out of a wrap:

In the hospital, do you remember how the midwife magically wrapped your baby in a teeny tiny blanket?

With your baby looking so perfectly swaddled, you may have even carefully pried the blanket apart – trying to capture every complex fold on your phone in the hope that your sleep deprived brain will somehow recreate this masterpiece at home.

The reality…

Stop Baby from Breaking Out of a Wrap

Most swaddle wraps measure 100cm x 100cm which is fine for the first few days.

BUT as your baby grows and becomes stronger they break out of wraps like a mini Houdini. Eventually, no swaddle blanket can keep them contained.

Goodbye sleep!

Once your baby gets even one arm free they’re more likely to wake themselves up because all babies have this thing called a startle reflex.

It’s when your baby can’t control their limbs and they jolt themselves awake, or they accidentally hit or scratch themselves with their sharp little fingernails.

The good news is that Sleepy Bub Swaddles mimic traditional swaddling but are super easy to use and answers the question: ‘how to stop baby from breaking out of a wrap?’

The best swaddle

All you need to do is put the garment on and zip the arms down in to the pediatric preferred ‘hands to heart’ position, or arms down (if that’s what your baby prefers).

It’s so easy, that anyone can do it!

And yes, it does look a little like a mini-straight jacket… but trust us when we tell you that from the first day of using our swaddle you will be rubbing your hands together with glee muttering “break out of this one baby” … followed by evil laugh.

It’s time to get sleep back into your family home. Don’t delay we have AfterPay! $14.99 (AUD) over x4 months is nothing if it helps you and your baby sleep.

Not convinced? Checkout Sam’s testimonial below. We all know babies with reflux truly test any product to its limits.

‘I have two children my first had colic and my second had reflux, needless to say we lost a lot of sleep. With my second, he was always agitated and moving a lot in his sleep. His discomfort enabled him to escape from other swaddles and he would wake as soon as he did. I tried everything! I tried the Velcro ones. I tried placing a tucked in blanket over his body, but nothing worked. Finally the Sleepy Bub page popped up on my social media. I wasn’t sure, but I thought “hey we can’t come out any worse” so I bought one. The swaddle arrived quickly and I tried it the night it arrived. It was so easy to put on. The zips made it easy to hold down his arms without having to juggle, holding the arm still while wrapping the blanket over! And OMG my baby slept so well, only waking for his feeds. I have recommended this product to everyone and continue to sing it’s praises. Thank you so much for this amazing product.’

Read more verified Sleepy Bub swaddle testimonials here.

We gladly answer any questions from our Sydney HQ on +61 406 921 340, or simply email Sleepy Bub is an Australian based business that happily ships internationally.

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