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The Best Baby Swaddle And Why It’s So Good
The best baby swaddle
Baby Products / September 27, 2019

The best baby swaddle and why it’s so good:

Being a mum is one of the toughest jobs on the planet. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to work out that any baby product that helps a mum (and baby) get more sleep is a winner!

I was exhausted as my little one was waking up multiple times every night… she had wriggled out of her swaddle wrap AGAIN!

Save yourself and your family the torture of sleep deprivation. Sleepy Bub have designed a baby swaddle that not only helps your little one sleep safely all night long, it’s also practical, simple, and versatile – making life easier for you.

Why is the Sleepy Bub Romper perfect for busy mums?

The Best Baby Swaddle and WhyIt’s a practical piece of clothing
The Sleepy Bub Romper is designed to be a swaddle on the go. It’s just like a normal romper (but with built in patented YKK arm zips!) – perfect on it’s own or you to just add pants and a jumper over the top for extra warmth in winter.

Easy swaddling on the go
If your little one falls a sleep when out and about in the pram, or even at home on the play-mat, simply zip the arms for undisturbed swaddling. Your baby wont even notice. It’s SO much easier than trying to wrap them in a swaddle blanket and risk waking them up!

From play time to sleep time in seconds
When baby starts showing the first signs of being tired, for example, yawning or rubbing around the eyes, simply zip the arms. Your baby can go from play-time to sleep time in seconds without all the stressful origami-folding required for a swaddle (which they just break out of anyway).

No more Houdini baby
Most swaddle blankets measure 100cm x 100cm which is fine for day one, but then your baby grows and becomes stronger. Even larger swaddle wraps can’t keep them contained. Sleepy Bub Rompers mimic traditional swaddling but are super easy to use. All you need to do is put the garment on and zip the arms down in to the paediatric preferred ‘hands to heart’ position, or arms down (if that’s what your baby prefers).

Fun unisex Eco-friendly prints and designs
Our cute 100% organic cotton rompers come in three gorgeous Eco-friendly prints and designs – Dream Bird, Star Moon and King Lion. Perfect for any outing or just hanging around the house. Because we believe that sleepwear should never be boring!

The most practical swaddle

Here are some verified testimonials from real mums who have recently bought the Sleepy Bub Romper.

“I have recently received my Sleepy Bub product. my son has been put in the romper for his nap today and we are going onto 1 hour of sleep which is extremely rare during the day! The material and zippy arms are genius! Looking forward to a well rested bub.” – ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

“I know its only been one night but it was the best sleep I’ve had in 3 months… my son knows how to wiggle his arms out of anything and once his arms are out he is then wide awake… the zips keep his arms nice and tucked in and because of that he slept from 8pm -5am without waking once… I may be getting ahead of my self but i can say I’m looking forward to more nights of great sleep.” – ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Read more verified Sleepy Bub romper testimonials here.

Romper features – what makes our swaddle work!

Sleepy Bub Romper Features

We gladly answer any questions from our Sydney HQ on +61 406 921 340, or simply email Sleepy Bub is an Australian based business that ships internationally.

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